Hyperconnector EP

by Dan Wade

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I used to play guitar and write songs with Treaty of Paris. Now I'm doing it on my own. Hyperconnector is the first of four EPs I am releasing in 2013. My dad thinks I sound like Fountains of Wayne, and that's cool with me.


released February 12, 2013

All lyrics © 2013 Daniel Wade
Published by Brickwinner Music (ASCAP)
Except "Morning Light" by Daniel Wade and Ryan Powers
Published by Brickwinner Music (ASCAP) and Sugarman Shuffle Music (ASCAP)

The Hyperconnector EP
Released February 12, 2013

Daniel Wade - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keys
Chris Insidioso - Drums
Dan Duszynski - Additional Percussion

Recorded & mixed by Dan Duszynski at Dandy Sounds in Chicago, IL
Mastered by Carl Saff


all rights reserved



Dan Wade Chicago, Illinois

I'm a singer-songwriter from Chicago. I'm obsessed with writing the perfect chorus. I often sit back and realize what the song's lyrics were actually about after I finish writing them. My songs usually end up sounding like powerpop or pop-punk but who cares? Finding connection and meaning through music is important. Rock and roll is the vessel for me, I guess. Thanks for listening and turn it up. ... more

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Track Name: This Sucker's Electrical
Plug me in turn me on
Light me up set me off
I'm finished living in your world
I'm getting out now
I'm starting my own
I burned all the rules
Don't need permission from you
I've been working on a real love
I thought I would try something new

It feels like my heart is on fire
Electric, I'm a live wire

Cut me loose let me go
Lose my grip on control
That drum in my head
Is the one beat I'm still following
When too much is never enough
And I just don't give a fuck
I'm standing at the bottom
And the only way out is love

I'm alive
Track Name: Every Day
So you wanna conquer mountains
So you wanna slay some giants
Knock 'em down and stop 'em dead and make 'em fall
Ah ah ah ah ah
So you're sick of standing still and you wanna walk
Don't make a difference where you go
You just don't wanna stop
You don't give a shit, you never needed anyone
Ah ah ah ah ah

Have you lost your mind
Have you lost your way
I think I lost mine a long time ago
I won't lie
I miss it every day

So you wanna start some fires
So you wanna tame some lions
Crack the whip and make 'em yours
They'll beg for more
Ah ah ah ah ah
So you're sick of feeling small scared and powerless
Don't make a difference if you're staring at that hourglass
You gotta show 'em that you're made of piss and vinegar
You'll never get a single minute back

Best of luck with going crazy
You're gonna have to go there without me
Track Name: Morning Light
18 years of idle feet
Running around this town
Five stoplights and no good times
All we wanna get is out

I chased my tail for long enough
If you wanna know the truth
The only good thing that happens after midnight is you

We got a kind of love
It seems so wrong but feels so right
So let's fire it up
Drive into that morning light
We're finally gonna leave this town behind

Can you feel the summer ending
We're running out of time to waste
Every day we stay is another chance we didn't take

I keep running out of breath
I should be running down my dreams
I don't care just where we land
You're all I'll ever need

Let's leave tonight

There's no more room for patience
We're out of time for waiting
Got some money I've been saving
We'll be all right
Baby take my hand and don't look back
Said baby take my hand and don't look back

Let's leave tonight
No sleep tonight
Track Name: Baby, Move On
I don't wanna show you what the others have seen
Go on and ask 'em what they make of me
I'm sure they won't hold back
They'll tell you what they really think

I will only disappoint you
I will only let you down
I will take apart your faith
And burn it to the ground
That feeling in your chest
The second guesses, the regrets
Before the end you're gonna say you wish we never met

So baby move on
Forget about me
Your record's on repeat
Spinning through my memory

So baby move on
Forget about me
Your record's on repeat
I'll see you in my dreams

Run away please lover, run away

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