Stronger Machines EP

by Dan Wade

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I used to play guitar and write songs with Treaty of Paris. Now I'm doing it on my own. Stronger Machines is the second of four EPs I am releasing in 2013. My cousin said I sound like Arctic Monkeys. Sure.


released July 23, 2013

The Stronger Machines EP
Released July 23, 2013

Daniel Wade - Guitars, vocals, bass, keys, electronic percussion
Chris Insidioso - Drums
Dan Duszynski - Drums on track 2, additional percussion, beat-up tambourine, programming, keys and vocals
Michael Chorvat - Background vocals on track 1, handclaps on track 2
Ryan Powers - Handclaps on track 2

All lyrics © 2013 Daniel Wade
Published by Brickwinner Music (ASCAP)

Recorded & mixed by Dan Duszynski at Dandy Sounds in Chicago, IL
Mastered by Carl Saff


all rights reserved



Dan Wade Chicago, Illinois

I'm a singer-songwriter from Chicago. I'm obsessed with writing the perfect chorus. I often sit back and realize what the song's lyrics were actually about after I finish writing them. My songs usually end up sounding like powerpop or pop-punk but who cares? Finding connection and meaning through music is important. Rock and roll is the vessel for me, I guess. Thanks for listening and turn it up. ... more

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Track Name: Fun With Destruction
Looks like a good night for a love affair
Looks like a good night for revenge
I had a little too much fun with destruction
I'm giving it up and building something out of all this stuff i hear in my head
Looks like a good night to start over
Looks like a good night for a dance
Shake it break it down in the club or the shower
Move it use it lose it even if you don't think you can

I went to hell just like she told me to so many times
I think she wanted me back dead but I returned alive
I went to bed and woke up new like I had traded minds
My inner demon child is free and wants to be with you tonight
My inner demon child is free and wants to be with you tonight

Looks like a good night for a rebirth
Looks like a good night for romance
I've been chasing down distractions
I'm soaking them up, bathing my bloodlust airborne pheromones, I'm making it work
Looks like a good night to get closer
Looks like a good night for a chance
Express expose undress with a friend or a stranger
Live it love it crush it like you never have before or will again

I stayed awake all night until the sky came back again
I thought my spirit died a while ago
But I got bit more left
She dug my grave, kissed me goodbye and then she pushed me in
My inner demon child is wide awake and back from the dead
My inner demon child is free and wants to be with you
Tonight, I got over
I survived, and I'm back in control
Yeah tonight, I got over
I survived, I survived, yeah
Track Name: Failsafe
The humidity's got your hair sticking up
Tattooed women walking dogs got you falling in love
You can't take your morning coffee intravenously
So you drink it through a straw
With sugar and cream
Call in sick to work but you're just sick of your boss
Always making you stay late
Never giving you days off
You might make some money but still feel incomplete
Sometimes you gotta say fuck it, we're going to the beach

Yeah, we're all chasing
Or running away from something or someone
Yeah, we can taste it
The heat of the pavement, the fire of summer
Black out and wake up
A failsafe key to a pull-start heart
We can be better, faster, stronger machines
We could still fall apart

The ultraviolet rays are creeping under your skin
Paid your rent, paid your dues
Still paying for your sins
Your window AC unit lost its will to live
You just wanna go out
You don't wanna stay in
Find your place and hope that you get better with age
Some people grow up
Some people don't change
Try to game the system while you're punching the clock
If you take what you need
You might get what you want

Blood orange sunset
Left-handed cigarettes
Tank-top shoulder blades
Cell phone communiqué´
T-shirt tan lines
Beer cans, box of wine
Construction cone car rides
Gas station bags of ice
Hip-hop bass drops
Windows down all the way
Sirens, fireworks
Just another Saturday
Track Name: Like An Optimist
I made a wish but it faded away
I'm hit-or-miss and that's a risk I'll take any day
I took a long walk
Sat at the edge and
Dangled my legs, dipped my feet into oblivion and sang:
"I'm ok, I'm ok, I'm ok,
I'll escape, I'll escape"

I feel the wind shifting, slipping out of my reach

Why don't you fight like an optimist
Why don't you change
Instead of just saying you will
Why don't you stand up for anything
Why don't you move instead of standing still
Why don't you move instead of standing still

I made a list of everything I could change
I scratched it out and tore it up, started on a new page
I blew a kiss, then
I touched my lip and
I tasted blood, oh hey, I got a fist in the face
I'm ok, i'm ok, I'm ok
I'll escape, I'll escape

Where are you going
I don't know, I never do
Where are you going
I don't care
I don't care, I won't stop
Track Name: Rooftop Party
I remember when I used to live fast, die young
But I made it through my youth alive
Now I'm older and I'm feeling like I'm losing all my meaning
All I'm ever really losing is time

I know it's gonna be all right
I know it's gonna be all right

We're going to a rooftop party
It's at a friend's of a friend's but they don't mind
We're going to a rooftop party
Tonight's all right and it's all mine
You're goddamn right I'm going out
I spend way too much time by myself
It's the summer in the city, I don't wanna waste a minute
Baby say you'll hang out with me
It's the summer in the city, I don't wanna waste a minute
Baby say you'll hang out with me

I got my heart reconfigured, rewired, recharged
You learn to push the pain aside
Even a beat-up tambourine with battle scars and missing teeth
Can take a dying beat and shake it back to life

The lights in the city sky
The life of a summer night
It's all I need to know
To know I'm not alone
Track Name: Everything That Rises
Invisible, miserable
Submerged and numb
I've been craving love and color
But I can't get enough

I wanna be misunderstood
Unless you want to understand me
I wanna be a mystery
If you can crack it, you might have me

If I rise, and you rise
Will we converge, will we collide
If we meet on the street tonight
Will my chemistry and your chemistry combine
If I rise and you rise
Will you meet me in the air
Just to shoot me out of the sky
If I rise

Irrelevant skeletons
Closet's overflowing with bones
My character's developing
My storyline is riddled with holes

I wanna be your secret door
Hiding out in plain sight
I wanna be an encrypted code
I wanna be the one that you get right

I wanna be your, I wanna be your mystery
I wanna be your, I wanna be your everything

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